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Be safe

Our hygiene and safety standards meet the highest ­
requirements for a carefree stay in our hotels.

Flexible booking

The option to cancel free of charge by 6 p.m. ­
on the day of arrival offers you flexibility in times hard to plan. 

Earn points and save

With MyMaritim you save every time you book, earn points and secure attractive benefits.

New: MyMaritim – 1,000 points for free

Starting immediately, how would you like to be able to book a room in any of Maritim’s German-wide hotels for the best price to be found anywhere on the world wide web while simultaneously collecting points that translate into even more savings? Register for free in our MyMaritim customer loyalty program and receive a welcome gift of 1,000 points.

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Special recommendation

Most Improved Brand

The Hotel Brand Performance Awards was given to Maritim in 2014. The research is based on 8,500 hotel guest interviews across Western Europe and includes the Key metrics "brand awareness, usage, preference and the guest experience".

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